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(WTHDRWN) WTB Beater body to fit 2010

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WTB withdrawn thanks for looking

I am removing anything offensive. My apologize I did not mean any harm. Thanks.

I asked in IMHO somewhat funny somewhat bitchy way to stay on topic when I felt every response was "why". I was not asking why I should buy I was stating I'd "WTB" or want to buy. I got annoyed by so many "Why" posts that IMHO are off topic and do not contribute to this WTB thread.

I'm thinking this forum is not for me. You guys are too serious and (another edit) what is with flaming my WTB thread. Most forums threads get closed post get deleted for hijacking someones thread, not for asking to stay on topic.

The atmosphere is too serious, I feel like someone died and their body is stinking up the room.

MODS: This thread has run it's course. If my statements crossed the line BAN ME. If not please close this thread, I'm not sure I belong here....
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OK, you say you want us to follow what you think is common forum etiquette. I would like to address a few things about forum etiquette.

1) Is it common forum etiquette for the new guy to verbally and profanely assault an established and respected member of forum when that member offers some unsolicited advice? In what forum is that right? In what world is that right?

2) Does not common forum etiquette include reading the rules of the forum before posting? It's not like this forum has a lot of rules. One of them is, "No swearing." Abbreviations, intentional mis-spellings and acronyms of swear words are still swear words. A public forum on line is like a public forum in a meeting hall. Would you spout off like that in a public meeting? Well, maybe you would. Think of it this way. Pretend you're at someone's dinner table with their mom present. Use the appropriate language.

3) Finally, it is poor etiquette to repeatedly edit your first post. Many forums won't even allow you edit a post after a certain time frame for this very reason. Members subscribed to the thread will not see your edits, they will only see the new posts towards the end of the thread. I only saw your re-edited edit due to dumb luck because I clicked on the wrong link.

What else... Let's see, calling us "children" is name-calling. Consider the irony.

I suppose I could go on and pick apart your off-topic re-edited edit on the WTB thread but you've embarrassed yourself enough. You say goodbye, I say good riddance.

This is an outstanding forum with outstanding members. More evidence of that is Mrgizmo apologizing when clearly he did not need to do so. We have a lot of fun here, share a lot tech, share some stories and some great rides. I find it just plain odd that someone who was so serious about about a couple off topic posts would then refer to our members as "too serious."

I should perhaps apologize for entering the fray, but when things said are so far out there that they don't even make sense, I have this innate urge to point them out.
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Tank, so I'm beginning to understand you dropped your bike and likely had a bad day or two because of it? Regardless, this really is a great forum with a great bunch of guys and if you wanted to be a part of it, I'm sure you'd be welcomed.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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