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Hey everyone, new here but not to the TW. My buddy has owned 3 of them, and I've used them aplenty.

Anyway, I have a guy selling an 82 XT-200 ... from what I read online, it's the same motor as the TW.

Is this true?

Here's the thing - he had bought it as a project, sort of got things together to fix it, never finished it, and needs

it out of his way.

He said the clutch cover was cracked and he had it welded and ground down, but still needs more smoothing out.

He said that the kick start needed work, and he bought new, used parts to replace the others.

He believe everything is there and ready to go. I want to buy it... I need to verify that all the wiring and

everything is still there because I wish to make it road legal without a lot of work.

It seems he has the kick start shaft and the 'idler' I guess you'd call it, out of the bike, with new ones too.

Has the clutch out as well, which I assume needs to come out to get the other parts IN.

Is this easy to slap together, and do you think when the case cracked and damaged the gear, that it could have

damaged anything else internally? I can't do a compression check on it, unless I were to try and turn the motor

over in gear, with no oil in the motor... he's selling cheap, so I think I'll grab it. But I really would like

your opinion on how easy an install of the kick gears is. I've done a good amount of work on 80s bikes before.

Currently own a 1980 Honda (I know I know lol, I'm a Yama guy though I swear!) CB900 Custom.

Have had 3 XJ650's, two XJ750's, and a Yamaha Majesty as well as rode my buddies TW200.

Had a Hyosung RX125 enduro, then it was stolen. I miss the hell out of it so I am looking at this XT200.

The 125 didn't have enough balls anyway.

OH! And I can't for the life of me find this info online... Is the XT200 a 6 speed, unlike the 5 speed TW?

Thanks for any assistance guys, means a lot! Hope to stick around here if I get this bike!


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The engine is essentially the same on the right side. Left side is a different story.

Uses a CDI which is similar to the '87 TW.

OK bikes but they aren't worth much to begin with and that one sounds like a basket of snakes.
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