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Hello to the forum.

My daily driver/beater 1989 TW200 clutch basket, and most other clutch parts, have seen the end of their life span.

So after reading this topic, ,I got a lightly used 1994 XT225 clutch assembly off ebay.

It's far cheaper then what the dealer wants just for a TW200 clutch basket, and the extra disk sure could not hurt.

But I ran into a problem. The XT225 clutch boss won't fit up. The "main axle" on my TW200 has a different number of splines then on the XT225. So I can't fit the XT225 clutch boss on my TW200 as the XT225 has a more splines on it then the TW200.

Anyone know a year/make of clutch boss that will fit?

I got my old TW200 clutch boss to work with the XT225 basket and 6 disc with the help of some spacers, but I would like to get a proper fitting clutch boss since I need to replace it anyway.

Thanks for any help.
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