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The upper end of the engine, most likely is the same. The bottom half will need modification to work on a TW. Beyond that, maybe controls and some electrical, along with usual parts bin stuff. Chassis, wheels, body obviously won't.

But as they're only available in Africa and Oceania chances are slim to none anyone in a market the TW200 is sold will ever need to worry about it 馃

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The enclosed / encased drive chain intrigues me. The clutch lock should fit. crashs bars, 2+ gallon gas tank, seat, duel kick stand?
The dual kickstands would be cool just as a novelty if nothing else. Enclosed chain drive would be awesome. I was into Honda Dreams for a while. Those had enclosed chains and even after 30-40+ years they鈥檇 look like new. Big Chain and Sprocket must have made those disappear.馃榾
1 - 11 of 11 Posts