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2016 Yamaha Off-Road Playbikes

Yamaha’s off-road playbikes are legendary for their versatility, durability, and easy-to-ride, low-maintenance features.

For 2016, the PW50 returns to continue its important mission to introduce young riders to the sport of motorcycling. The TT-R50E is also back with its convenient electric-start feature and auto-clutch transmission, as is the larger-capacity TT-R110E. All three bikes are the perfect starting point for young riders.

2016 PW50​

Big fun for the whole family, the YZ-styled, easy electric-start, four-stroke-powered TTR125LE begs to be ridden by everyone from bigger kids to adults, and returns for 2016.

2016 TT-R230​

A great choice for beginner and intermediate riders, the TT-R230 also returns for 2016, with its YZ-inspired handling and looks, stout 223cc engine, and handy electric start.

2016 TT-R50E​

The 2016 PW50, TT-R50E, TT-R110E, TT-R125LE, and TT-R230 will each be available in Team Yamaha Blue/White.

2016 TT-R125LE​

The PW50 will retail for $1,440 and arrive in dealerships beginning in September; the TT-R50E will retail for $1,540 and arrive in dealerships beginning in November; the TTR-110E will retail for $2,240 and arrive in dealerships beginning in September; the TT-R125LE will retail for $3,290 and arrive in dealerships beginning in January; and the TT-R230 will retail for $3,990 and arrive in dealerships beginning in November.

2016 TT-R110E​

2016 Yamaha Dual-Sport

The TW200 is known for its unique terrain-conquering tires, low seat height, electric starting, and on-/off-road capabilities. For 2016, the TW200 remains one of the most distinctive-looking dual-purpose motorcycles in the market. The 2016 TW200 will be available in Mineral Blue/White.

2016 TW200​

Also offered in Mineral Blue for 2016 is the fuel-injected XT250, with its long-travel suspension and powerful front and rear disc brakes for superb stopping power on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

2016 XT250​

Descended from Yamaha’s YZ-F motocross bikesand off-road WR models, the dual-sport WR250R puts a little more emphasis on “sport.” The WR250R is the pefect choice for enthusiasts who want to continue riding when the road ends.

2016 WR250R​

The 2016 TW200 will retail for $4,590 and arrive in dealerships beginning in October; the XT250 will retail for $5,190 and the WR250R will retail for $6,690, and both will arrive in dealerships beginning in September.

2016 Scooters

For fun and frugality, nothing beats Yamaha’s lineup of four-stroke scooters. For 2016, the Vino Classic returns with its 49cc, fuel-injected engine and a new Rosewood Brown color.

2016 Vino 50​

The Zuma 50F also returns for 2016, with its dirtbike-influenced styling, aggressive tires, and the triple-digit fuel economy of its thrifty 49cc four-stroke engine. The Zuma 50FX, which kicks things up a notch with its supersport-inspired colors and graphics, is also back for 2016. The Zuma 50F is available in either Raven or Vanilla White, while the Zuma 50FX is offered in Stardust Silver or Radical White.

2016 Zuma 50FX​

The 155cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 2016 Smax returns with its combination of fuel efficiency, excellent acceleration, and sporty power for commuting or riding on the highway, even with two riders on board. It will be available in Candy Red and Gun Metal Gray color schemes.

2016 Smax​

The 2016 Vino Classic will retail for $2,290, the Zuma 50F and the Zuma 50FX for $2,590, and the Smax for $3,690. All four scooters will be available in dealerships beginning in January.

2016 Zuma 50F​
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