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I have a spare 87 to 90's even today.. Yamaha TW200 Engine with All parts needed to rebuild.
I was going to rebuild both, but I need to move to other projects..
This is a newer engine that i had and I decided to rebuild the original because it was all in..
Generator, head, top end, lower, oil pump, everything is there..
All in container, never to humidity or water, in great shape.
I have the new Yamaha parts for rebuild as a .50mm bore..
Head is ready for bore, NOT DONE..
Piston $67.49
Ring $34.95
Piston Pin $15.49
$118 in parts included in deal still new in box from Yamaha included in $500 -
So $380 for engine..

PRICE - $500 or Best Offer..

I also have some extras - the spare tires..
Tires extra $30 - $10 for front - $20 for rear
- those are the tires that were on, just changed them for more street style. Still good on rear.. front a little left..
Thanks .. i'll figure how to post pics soon.. heres the current craigs..
Yamaha Tw200 complete engine for rebuilt


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