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Yesterday's Morning Ride - 2 up

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My wife had a great time on the TW yesterday riding with a couple of friends on their ATV. I've still been experimenting with the best off road air pressure. Yesterday I tried 10 in the front and 6 in the back. That worked very well as less than 10 in the front made the steering difficult. The TW works very well 2-up but of course caution and slow speed when riding two in the backcountry is always advised.

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Mife wife prefers to ride on the tw over the road bike. Ive never lowered the tire pressure yet but plan on experimenting with it a bit.

Running lower air pressure off road is probably the best thing that can be done to increase traction and smooth out the ride. In my way of thinking, that is what the big tires on the TW are all about. I don't think she would have been so happy if the tires were at 20psi - me either. Lowering the air pressure is like you swapped out for some super high end suspension.

I'll run down short sections of highway as moderate speeds with low pressure but low pressure is not advised for long or fast highway runs as it could be dangerous.

That front cyclerack is sure nice when riding 2-up and needing a little more room for storage. I can't put the pack on my back as it gets in the way of my wife and she would really prefer not carrying it so the rack easily carries the pack. And, she is very comfortable on the back of the TW - ha, except when the trail looks bad so she gets off and walks in those places. Of course those short breaks like that are the secret to her enjoyment of the ride.

It has been my experience that when running low pressure off road that the main problem has been the tire slipping on the rim gradually - mostly from braking on the front tire and spinning of the rear tire. The tire finally rotates enough to rip off the valve stem. So far, this does not seem to be a problem with the TW (maybe the 6-ply or the rim bead?). I've been monitoring this by turning the nut up to the valve cap so if it slips you will notice the valve stem getting sideways and it will also have to slip quite a bit before damage is done.

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Are you running stock tires???????? It just amazes me to see how much our dubs can carry safely.. OMM.

Hello - stock everything except for a 55T rear sprocket and the cycleracks. The combined weight of my wife and I is 316 lbs and she makes me go slow which is a good thing when 2-up.

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