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Zimmer Creek

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I had some time off this past Monday. I have a new Gopro camera I have been wanting to try out. I mounted it on the front

brake reservoir which is what you see in the video. I did not complete my intended route of making a loop from Zimmer

creek at HWY 55 to Crouch Idaho because after moving many trees and driving over or around them which half made the video I ran

into a rather large amount of snow on a down hill spot. I figured there would be more snow to come and even more trees. Normally

this would be a 3 hour ride but I spent 2 hours and only made it half way. I'll be back.

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Nice video. I can see where your obstacles got progressively more difficult to overcome and your reasoning for turning back. Few weeks back, Ron, Mekdad and myself had to turn back on a ride due to snow and fallen timber. We understand your dilemma. Although I've been doing some trail riding with Ron from Boise, I also like to ride the logging roads. Particularly when I'm in my explorer mode. I'm always on the search for some old mines, cabins, geocaches and what-not.

You'll have to share your route. It looks like I can see a highway (55, Bank Lowman), down in the valley earlier in your video. Just curious as to your starting point as you mentioned you were heading to Couch.

Can't remember off the top of my head, have to look at my cache files, but aren't you the one who placed a "TW Cache" up near Jackson Lookout? Either way I'm gonna try to find it in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, without the fallen timber and snow drifts. Otherwise I'll have to wait later in the summer.

Thanks for sharing.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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