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Zimmer Creek

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I had some time off this past Monday. I have a new Gopro camera I have been wanting to try out. I mounted it on the front

brake reservoir which is what you see in the video. I did not complete my intended route of making a loop from Zimmer

creek at HWY 55 to Crouch Idaho because after moving many trees and driving over or around them which half made the video I ran

into a rather large amount of snow on a down hill spot. I figured there would be more snow to come and even more trees. Normally

this would be a 3 hour ride but I spent 2 hours and only made it half way. I'll be back.

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Mr. Scooter, that was indeed a fine video. Not as a criticism, but as a reality check for me; seemed your engine speed was slower than what 'appeared'to be your speed as the images move across the screen. It certainly could be me, but then it could be how you set-up the software, did you adjust your frame speed to move a longish video along at a faster pace?. All that aside, the video was GREAT. I would as well, like to make my videos better, hence the question. Thanks, Gerry

Thank you, it was my first shot editing and posting on youtube. I was riding around 8-15 mph for a majority of the ride if I was not moving trees. It also appears to me the I'm moving faster then I really was. It's the lense of the camera its very concaved, if you were to capture video down a street with light poles on each side they would bend inward you can see it if you watch the tops of trees that are close to me. So with the movement and everything slightly misshaped because of the lense that makes things appear differently then they are.

There are 7 different video capture settings I used 960 resolution with 48 frames per second. Also my video editing software has so many settings which can make things hard to understand how it's going to change my original footage. With each edit taking 2+ hrs to encode I got tired of waiting on my slooooow computer. So with that said I'll take the camera on the next 7 rides and see which settings provide the most realistic view. I also mounted the camera on my helmet that day, watching the 1min 32sec clip on this shows the same results it looks like I'm flying. With filming at 48 frames a second I know you can see some great slow montion shots but I don't think that made the video look faster then it was. It's a learning curve and I'm on the outside of it right now.

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